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When Karen met Bruce - Comrades 2013


Running the Comrades Ultramarathon had been a long held goal of mine and the focus of my training for a whole year. And after a tricky build up that included an extensive period of injury and uncertainty whether I was even going to make the startline, achieveing a long term goal is hugely satisfying. The only thing that can top that feeling is when you get to meet a true legend of running and Comrades hero (Bruce Fordyce) along the way.

Due to my involvement with parkrun, the parkrun stand at the Comrades pre-race expo was one of my first ports of call and where I introduced myself to Bruce (Bruce is the Country Manage for South Africa parkrun) and although injured and unable to run Comrades for himself, he was there to support and commentate.

We joined Bruce for a bus tour of the Comrades route a couple of days prior to the race and he suitably terrified us about just how hard this race was going to be, which was absolutely necessary as you must respect the distance and the terrain. This only furthered my respect for the 9 time winner of this monster race. Although completing Comrades (up run) in a little over 10 hours was the major hightlight of my trip to South Africa, I have to admit getting to run Durban parkrun with Bruce (and beating him - ha ha!) was somehting I will never forget. 


Durban parkrun and the great Bruce Fordyce
Lucky number?
Only another marathon to go!
Its nice to be sitting down